Why Personal Branding Photography is a Must for Boss Babes | Nashville Brand Photographer

As a personal brand photographer, I am super passionate about #BossBabes getting in front of the camera to elevate their brand! Personal Branding is so much more than a headshot – it truly allows you to authentically connect with your ideal clients!

What is Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Brand Photography provides imagery for boss babes to uplevel their brand, tell their unique story and connect with their audience on a personal level to grow their business. It’s all about campuring who you are, what you provide, and what makes your brand unique! Your personal branding session will include headshots, your workspace, creative process tools of your trade & so much more!

These photos will showcase your amazing personality and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing platforms! Here are a few of the ways that you would benefit from taking professional personal branding photos.

  • Use across your social media platforms. Do you find yourself scrambling for a photo to post on your daily instagram or facebook feed? If you do – this is my #1 reason you need Personal Branding photos… imagine having handful of photos perfectly branded to your business ready and just wanting for you to use! Talk about a time saver!
  • Send them with your press releases. If you usually send out press releases or are planning to in the coming year, professional photos will help your submission stand out.
  • Use them throughout your website. Businesses that feature professional photos of real people inspire more trust than those that use stock photos. Real photos also help tell your business story more authentically. At the very least, you should always have a professional headshot on your website so that potential customers know who they are doing business with.
  • Place them in your email campaigns. Take your email blasts to the next level by including your photo in them.
  • Include them on your landing pages. If you rely on landing pages to help you generate sales, adding personal branding photography to them can boost your results.
  • Create a killer bio for events. Speaking at an upcoming event? Make sure that you have a professional headshot and branding photos on hand to send along with your bio.
  • Make your email signature memorable. Not everybody remembers a name but almost everyone can recall a face. Adding a photo to your email signature can make it more memorable.
  • Add them to your printed marketing materials. If you print your marketing materials on a regular basis, a photo can be used to make your brochures and business cards stand out.
  • Save time. When you’re approached by a publisher, you want to have a professional photo that you approve of on hand. When you rely on publications to take your photos, you need to rely on their photographers, many of which are students. This is your personal brand and you should have the final say in whom takes your photos. You also save time in the sense that you don’t need to take additional time out of your day for the photos because you’ll already have them at your disposal.

Remember to refresh your photos at a minimum of twice per year so that your personal brand is also reflected accurately. This not only shows that you are moving with the seasons but that your not recycling old content! This keeps you and your brand fresh and top of mind!

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