Branding Photoshoot Location Ideas

Are you in the middle of planning your brand shoot and having a terrible time coming up with a location? Well, I get it. It can be so overwhelming! I mean – branding photoshoot location ideas can be hard to think of. My hope is that you are working with (or will be working with) a brand photographer because they should be helping you along the way BUT if you like to do the work yourself, here are some ideas of where to look for the perfect location!

PRO TIP: Always make sure to have 2-3 locations in mind just in case one doesn’t work out. Oh! And make sure that you pin this post for reference later!

INSIDE Location Ideas:

✨ Coffee Shop

✨ Bookstore

✨ Office

✨ Your Home

✨ Club House

✨ Co-Working Space

OUTSIDE location ideas:

✨ Park

✨ Coffee Shop Patio

✨ Garden

✨ Your yard

✨ Farmers Market

coffee shop photo location
CoWorking Photo Location
Home Garage Photo Location
Downtown Nashville Photo Location

Which one is your favorite branding photoshoot location idea?

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