The Visual Toolkit: 5 Types of Photos Your Social Media Manager Needs You to Have

In the ever-evolving world of social media, captivating visuals are the currency of engagement. Your social media manager knows this all too well. To create a compelling narrative for your brand, there are five types of photos they absolutely need in their toolkit. Let’s dive in!

1. Computer Images:

The quintessential image of hands busy at work on a computer is a staple in any social media manager’s toolkit. It conveys productivity, innovation, and the digital heartbeat of your brand. Whether it’s showcasing a new product, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, or simply celebrating a workday, these images are the workhorses of your visual content.

2. Phone Images:

In a world glued to our smartphones, images of hands holding a phone are incredibly relatable. They connect with your audience’s daily life and demonstrate that your brand is tech-savvy and accessible. Whether you’re launching an app, sharing a sneak peek, or simply posting a motivational quote, phone images are a must.

3. Pen/Notepad Images:

The timeless combination of pen and notepad is a symbol of ideas, creativity, and planning. These photos can be used to announce new projects, highlight key concepts, or offer a glimpse into your brand’s brainstorming process. They invite your audience to join you in the journey of creation.

4. Desk/Office Space Images:

Showcasing your workspace, whether it’s a bustling office or a cozy home setup, humanizes your brand. These images reveal your brand’s environment, culture, and the people behind the scenes. They provide context and authenticity, helping your audience connect on a personal level.

5. Images of People Shaking Hands or collaborating together:

The timeless gesture of a handshake signifies partnership, collaboration, and trust. Incorporating images of people shaking hands can be especially powerful when announcing partnerships, collaborations, or new team members. It conveys your brand’s commitment to relationships and growth.

Bonus: Coffee/Tea Images:

To add a personal touch to your brand, coffee and tea images are a delightful choice. They create a cozy, relatable atmosphere and can be used to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Share your brand’s favorite brew or host virtual coffee chats to engage with your community.

Remember, these types of photos form the visual language of your brand’s story on social media. They are the building blocks of your online presence, helping your audience connect with your values, culture, and offerings. Collaborate closely with your social media manager to ensure you have a steady supply of these visual assets, and watch your brand’s narrative unfold in a way that resonates with your audience.

Cheers to captivating visuals and meaningful connections!

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