3 Ways Monthly Brand Photoshoots can Help you Grow your Business

The number one stress factor I hear from business owners today is that they struggle and stress over creating content for their business. Let’s face it; social media is here to stay and it is one of the most powerful ways we can market our business. It’s time to embrace it instead of fighting it and I want to help you with that. My brand photography membership; the Sparkle Image Society, allows you to have monthly content created for you so you can stress less, save time, and keep growing your business.

Saves You Time

Having monthly brand photoshoots where someone else is capturing the photos, editing them, and delivering them in a nice online package can save you valuable time. When you are no longer the one capturing the content it is a game changer for saving time.

Keeps Your Brand Relevant

Updating your brand content every month allows you to stay on top of trends, seasons, and holidays. This will keep your brand relevant and up to date which will allow you to connect better with your audience as well.

Lowers Your Stress

I promise you knowing you will always have content available to you will lower your stress level around having to create content. I know from experience that having help is a game changer for stress levels.

So what is the Sparkle Image Society?

A monthly brand photography membership that gives you fresh on-brand imagery on a consistent basis. You will never have to stress about what to post online again!

What does the membership include?

Members of the Sparkle Image Society receive:

✓ Six 1-hour sessions OR Three 2-hour sessions over the course of six months

✓ 1 location and 2 outfit changes per session

✓ At least 20 hand-edited images per hour per session

✓ Commercial Release

✓ 25% discount on any additional sessions booked during the year

But wait… there is more!

In addition, you’ll also have:

* Priority booking and first access to my calendar

* A pre-planning chat to help you feel comfortable and confident about the process

* PDF planning guide to make getting ready for your session simple and stress-free

* Quarterly Mixers to meet other business owners and have a fun night out

ALL for just $325 per month! What an incredible deal!

By joining the membership you can save time, have content right at your fingertips, and keep your brand up to date. This will allow you more time to work your business and still tackle those pesky marketing tasks which in turn will help you grow your business.


Need more? Send me a message via the contact form and let’s chat! I am ready to help you grow your business friend! Let’s do this!


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